April 30th – Eleanor

Yesterday we are talking about grieving and how hard it is, if not impossible, to enter into another’s grief. Well, let me tell you about Eleanor. It’s years ago now, but the first time she came into the church where I was Pastor, she rushed out at the end of the service, eyes red and […] Continue reading or listen to the audio

April 29th – Coping with grief

I have just finished reading a book by an old friend from the past, a minister who lives abroad and who lost his wife three years ago. The book is about his torment and grief, through that time of solitariness. It is a poignant testimony to human love, and I’m not sure how to respond […] Continue reading or listen to the audio

April 28th – The offer of Free Bread

I do love poetry,and that’s surprising, considering that I was put off the whole subject for over 20 years, simply by the way I was introduced to the subject as a child at school.Charles Causley, many of whose poems I love, called one of his pieces: “The Ballard of the Bread Man”.There is no time […] Continue reading or listen to the audio

April 27th – Before chopping the tree, examine the fruit

The Reverend Dr. Mark Stibbe is an Anglican vicar, and as I write this, is ministering in a Sheffield parish and is lecturing in Biblical theology at the University of Sheffield. In short, he is a well-respected, academic and evangelical church leader, with his head well screwed on. In a book review, and an article […] Continue reading or listen to the audio

Thought 4 The Day

Faith does not set aside natural duties, but perfects and strengthens them. (J Bengal)


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