Adam Faith on his Car Accident

Adam Faith, an actor, and one time pop singer, was involved in a fearful crash in his powerful sports car, he all but died. Slowly he was dragged back to a painful life from the brink of death and he completely lost his memory of that period of about five weeks, including and following the crash, when he was so gravely ill.
In January 1974, a TV presenter was interviewing him on a programme and asking him about his appalling accident and the all, but fatal injuries which even in recovery kept him in a wheelchair for three months, and he said, “It was a wonderful experience”.
I could hardly believe my ears. “It was a wonderful experience”, he said, “which clarified life for me. It was the most serious thing that ever happened to me and now I see everything in a different light”.
We11, if a pop star could describe such a trial as a wonderful experience, doesn’t it make you feel that even the bad storms that come to us can be God’s opportunity of teaching us in a way that He never can when everything in the garden is lovely. Whatever your trouble is today, by taking it to Christ in unhurried prayer He can transform even the shadow of death into the morning.
But then, why wait till the bottom drops out of life?
Read the first two verses in the 12th Chapter of Romans and then put it into a prayer before God and let Him transform not only this day, but also your very life for you.

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Before Christ, a man loves things and uses people; after Christ he loves people and uses things. (H. Wood)


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