All about a haircut

Just lately we’ve been talking quite a bit over the phone about the guidance of God and if you’ve been ringing in you may have been thinking ‘well it’s alright for some but I have honestly asked for guidance from God in my present situation but nothing happens.’
So I am asking you today, have you checked for unsurrendered areas?
Not long ago there was a story in the paper about the United States Sergeant who refused to have a hair cut. Now that’s a small thing, but he was stripped of his rank, fined? Imprisoned and dishonourably discharged. Now surely that was going a bit too far for such a small thing. No, the real issue at stake, as the Army explained, was not a haircut but a total rejection of their authority. You can’t run an army when men reject your orders and your authority.
There was an unsurrendered area that made him unusable as a servant of his government.
Now that’s why folk are not guided as they expect to be. It may be only a small sin that they won’t have cut off, that they won’t let go of. But Christ can’t use them because they will not accept His authority. If they won’t do the little things He commands, how do they expect to be guided in big things? If we are faithful over little things, He will entrust us with big things.
Read Luke 179 verses 7-10 and you’ll see
what I mean. That’s a very difficult passage to ponder, Luke 17 verses 7-10.

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To forsake Christ for the world is to leave a treasure for a trifle, eternity for a moment, reality for a shadow, all things for nothing. (W. Jenkins)


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