April 28th – The offer of Free Bread

I do love poetry,and that’s surprising, considering that I was put off the whole subject for over 20 years, simply by the way I was introduced to the subject as a child at school.Charles Causley, many of whose poems I love, called one of his pieces: “The Ballard of the Bread Man”.There is no time to read it all now, but it begins:
Mary stood in the kitchen, Baking a loaf of bread, An angel flew in through the window. ‘We’ve a job for you’ he said.
‘God in his big gold heaven, Sitting in his big blue chair, Wanted a mother for his little son. Suddenly saw you there.’
Mary shook and trembled, ‘It isn’t true what you say’.
‘Don’t say that’ said the angel. ‘The baby’s on its way.’

The poem continues, describing the impact of Jesus and his ministry:
He went round to all the people, A paper crown on his head.
Here is some bread from my father. Take, eat, he said.
Nobody seemed very hungry. Nobody seemed to care.
Nobody saw the god in himself Quietly standing there.
He finished up in the papers. He came to a very bad end.
He was charged with bringing the living to life.
No man was that prisoner’s friend.
There’s only one kind of punishment to fit that kind of crime.
They rigged a trial and shot him dead. They were only just in time.
They lifted the young man by the leg, they lifted him by the arm,
They locked him in a cathedral in case he came to harm.
They stored him safe as water, under seven rocks.
One Sunday morning he burst out, like a jack-in-the-box.
Through the town he went walking.
He showed them the holes in his head.
Now do you want any loaves? he cried.
‘Not today’ they said.

A Prayer:
Forgive, O Lord, the people you created to be your sons and daughters. We see all you have done for us.We hear all your words of invitation,but we remain so iron-clad indifferent to your ravishing love.Bring the living to life – this day, O Lord.

Now read Exodus Ch. 16.

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