Better you know someone

The more you get to know a person the more you see the flaws in them. Hindenburg was known as the ‘Iron Man of Europe’. His wife referred to him as that poor sick duck. There were even two Winston Churchills, Britain’s Prime Minister during the war, the one the world saw and the one seen by those nearest to him.
Now you need not love a person any the less because you see their faults, it’s just that our hero worship is usually based on the blindness of ignorance, like the young bride who blamed the parrot for teaching her husband to swear!
One of the most significant facts in the whole of history, so often overlooked, is that those who knew Jesus of Nazareth best, were those most impressed with Him. It was those who’d been with Him night and day for three years who said, “You are the Son of the Living God”. It was one of those who later fell down saying those awesome words, “My Lord and My God”, It was His own brother James who, although not being a follower before the resurrection, became the leader of those who called Jesus, Lord and God, afterwards. Even his own mother Mary, and let’s face it, even a mother’s love doesn’t blind her to her child’s sins, worshipped Him as a sinless one, in a way that only God deserves to be worshipped.
The more you get to know about Jesus of Nazareth, the more mysterious He becomes. For my part, I must admit, He is the embodiment of God Almighty. All that Jesus said and did and was is what the invisible and eternal God is saying and doing and being all the time and He asks you to answer the question in Matthew 16 verse 15.

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One man with a glowing experience of God is worth a library full of arguments. (V Havner)


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