Blind Guidance or able to see?

A sightless man walked with astonishing confidence, just with the aid of a white stick, along a crowded road into a packed super-market, got a trolley, did the shopping and by feel and a little advice, paid for it at the check-out, put it all into a bag and got it home safely.
He found the doctor there, who said to him, “I have come about your sightlessness”.
“Good heavens!” the blind man exploded, “What more do you want of me. I’ve got hearing and touch far better than yours, I’ve just been shopping and not bumped into a single person, not banged one shin, not one obstacle has caused me any trouble, and I’ve not done even one person harm; what more do you expect of me?”
“But I came to tell you that I can give you your sight back”, said the doctor quietly.
Now surely that poor man in the story, would, at this point, have lost his indignation and felt just like a punctured tyre.
You see our greatest need is not blind guidance but to be able to see.
Have you read John chap’9 recently? If you do, pay special attention to the last three verses of the chapter; they’re the punch line; they’re tremendous.

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If your spiritual powerlessness upsets you and all that you can offer is tears, then weep your prayers to God.


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