God is a Mother

Hold on, I haven’t blown my fuse and gone into women’s lib. I know that we call God ‘Heavenly Father’, but by that we usually attribute to Him all the qualities of masculinity. A big, invisible, powerful male, somewhere above us in the sky.

Yet God is a mother too, according to the Bible.
In Psalm 131 for example, you have a superb picture of contemplative prayer. It’s a picture of a tiny child at its mother’s breast – well-fed and content, soaking up love and well-being. It’s a picture of total security; of a child with the one who bore it, held safe in the arms of mother.

The idea of God as a mother is rare to most people. They have forgotten that the words ‘father’, ‘king’, and ‘judge’, although often used, don’t mean masculine’, but are pictures of tenderness and justice and correct rule. Yet sometimes the word mother gives a clearer picture of what we mean.

In the Book of Isaiah also, God is like a mother dangling children on her knee.

Maybe this is why millions of people think more about Mary than the Bible gives them authority to do; because they need a tender, loving, caring, motherhood to complete their picture of God. If so, they need to study the Bible more not less.

But never mind the theory for today, how about experiencing the sense of the everlasting arms, of doing nothing but simply letting God hold you.

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