Hallelujah, anyway!

One of the most beautiful little posters I’ve seen in years, has got just two words on it, “Hallelujah, Anyway”.
Hold it for a couple of minutes. I want you to do some detective work today.
Find Psalm 107 in your Bible, and then as you go through it, see if you can find how many situations where people get to the end of their tether to the point of total despair and as a last resort, cry out to the Lord God, for help.
They’re delivered and there should follow a life of praise. They should get to the point of being able to praise God even though problems still apply.
Well, see how many problems you can find in Psalm 107.

Storm at sea, suffering with illness, the self-inflicted wounds of sin, famine and drought, and look at the Psalmist’s simple remedy.

He finds that in every case by turning to God in total prayer and abandonment, and being willing to accept His answers there then follows the desire that, ‘0 that men would praise the Lord”.

There is an attitude of praise, of thanksgiving, which really does help to overcome a massive number of problems. It’s amazing how small the problems become when instead of moaning about them, we start seeing some of the things for which to be thankful within those problems. In other words, “Hallelujah! Anyway”.

This is Psalm 107 and it’s got a superb message. Read it today and let it speak deeply to your heart.

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