I like the Pain

Alexander White, a great man of a previous generation,
once described how his arm had been caught in the machinery of a threshing mill and so crushed that the marks still remained there 60 years later.
He said, “In my boyhood, in Scotland, I met with a bad accident. This arm” he said, holding it up, “was severely injured. It was thought at first that I would have been taken to Dundee Infirmary to have it amputated”, then holding it up again, he said, “but there it is still”. A neighbour, named Margaret, a woman friend of my mother’s, was skilled in dealing with aches and bruises and when she examined the arm she said, “We’ll wait and see, we’ll not let them take the boy to Dundee yet”.
“The next day, because of the pain I was suffering, my mother was even more anxious about me, but when Margaret came in she greatly comforted her by saying, “I 1ike the pain, Janet, I like the pain. As long as it hurts, you see, there’s hope. It is when it all goes numb and dead you need worry”.

Now that story isn’t just about arms and legs, it’s a about human love too, about human spirits, about our conscience. As long as it hurts there’s life in it.
Listen to the Word of God –
“Accept your share of suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”. That means you are on active service and as long as it hurts then there’s life in you, it’s when it goes dead you should worry.

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CHANCE; I cannot believe that God plays dice with the world. (Albert Einstein)


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