I’m fed up with Religion (1)

Those who know me will know that I’m on record as saying, “I’m fed up with religion”. Now that’s a strange thing for a Christian to say, after all everyone expects Christians to defend religion, and here I am saying that, quite honestly, I get sick of it.
Let me tell you what kind of religion I get tired of. It’s what passes as religion for millions of ordinary folk. You know, where the parsons are all gas and gaiters, playing their little games with their choirs and cloisters and collecting boxes. And where churches are interested in saving themselves by their begging for money, or to save their steeple, or rebuild their organ, or where the church is an institution, totally identified with establishment, shocked out of its tiny mind by the real crude world of people.
You will gather from all this that it’s not the real thing but what passes for the real thing for millions of people, that bothers me. When it comes to the real thing, well that’s just dynamite.
Listen to what Paul says about it in Romans chap’1. “I’m not ashamed, I’m proud of the Gospel of Christ, it is the power of God to save men.” That’s more like it.
Read tomorrow’s message for more about this, because if you’re fed up with religion it can’t be the living religion of Jesus Christ, it must be some kind of counterfeit.
Don’t forget to check tomorrow.
By the way, if you want the thoughts of someone who’s got the real thing, read part of his letter to the Philippians ch3: verses 7-14, today.

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