Monday Morning Feeling

Here is a quotation. “With me, the Monday morning feeling begins on Sunday night and goes right through till Monday night”.
Now you may know what that quotation means, but on the whole having to go to work, having to make ourselves do some chore, is hardly ever quite as bad as we imagine, once we get started on it. In fact, I’ve more than a suspicion that making ourselves do jobs and duties that we don’t feel like doing, is one of the best ways of developing real character. Going out on Monday morning or whatever it is, with a real determination to get stuck into it, no matter how unpleasant it may be.
It all depends on our attitude to it, and the more we shirk it and leave it until some other time, the bigger problem it becomes, and once we’ve taken the plunge we somehow get a kind of subtle satisfaction from it.
Well, a great life, a good life, a really noble or even happy life, doesn’t depend on our rank or still less, on being able to do only the things that we find a pleasure to do, it has a lot to do with doing our duty the very best we can, on putting our selves wholly into it no matter how unpleasant that duty is, for no one is so high and mighty that ordinary chores are beneath them.
Jesus was a carpenter. I wonder if He ever had to make a cross.
Incidentally, while we’re on the subject, turn up John chapter 12 verse 27 in the New Testament; It’s worth reading and pondering.

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