Not Apathy – Ignorance

For years now political enthusiasts and firebrands of good causes, have al1 complained that the real enemy in our country is apathy.
Sometimes you might hear a preacher say, ‘it is easier when your opponents are atheists – at least they’re positive about something. It’s better to believe in nothing, clearly, than not to know whether you believe anything’. How can you preach to a cabbage? How can you set on fire wet tealeaves?
Now I want to go beyond that kind of diagnosis because behind apathy there is a massive ignorance about the real facts. Millions of people are apathetic because they vaguely, although sincerely, believe that it will all come right in the end; that basically human nature is good; the poison of sin doesn’t really kill.
A few well-meaning gestures are all we need to save ourselves and our civilization from destruction. Don’t take anything too seriously. Don’t get involved.
Well, today, read one of the most difficult chapters in the Bible, Mark Chapter 13, and in the destruction of Jerusalem discover how Jesus sees mirrored, the picture of the end of the world and how He speaks about the gullible and ignorant, and about the optimistic humanists.
We should be earnestly in prayer before God with this chapter, right now, asking what we must do to be saved.

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He who aims at nothing never achieves anything else. (J. I. Packer)


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