Remember when to forget

One of our great preachers wrote an article in a magazine, ‘Readers Digest’, some years ago. It was entitled “Remember when to forget”.
Now this mysterious advice is explained in this short passage from the article.
Emmanuel Cant, the famous philosopher, never married. For years he lived in entire and total dependence on his manservant, Lamp. Then, one sad day, he discovered that Lamp had systematically robbed him. He felt compelled to sack his old servant, but afterwards, how he missed him. Life was never the same for Cant again.
In his journal this pathetic line appears – “Remember to forget Lamp”,
He went on to preach a sermon about remembering to forget certain things, and he quoted from this, when he was seen posting a Christmas card to someone who’d been particularly nasty to him. The person said, “Surely you’re not sending a greeting to him”. “Why not”, said the preacher?
“Well you remember eighteen months ago he ” “Then
I remembered the thing the man had done”, said the preacher. “But I also remembered resolving the situation at that time. It was something I’d remembered to forget, so I posted the card.”
If there are things you must remember to forget today, remember, it can be done. Take it before God and let Him wash it out. He has washed out so many of your sins, that you confessed, and forgotten them. Let the things go that have hurt you in the past and see how much better this will make you feel.
For today ~ remember to forget.

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