Standard Objections to the Christian Faith – Christians disunited

‘Why don’t all the churches get together, then I’ll listen to them?’

That’s one of the great objections that people have to the faith today, Christian disunity. And there’s truth in it.

If they’re preaching reconciliation of men and women at odds with each other, then let them practice what they preach and get right with each other as churches – and that’s true. But it’s not the whole truth. Because many people mean, by getting together, that they should become all alike, like sausages coming out of a factory.

Now that ‘sameness’ I’m sure is not what God wants. As if He wanted all the flowers in the garden to be the same colour.
The very differences we practise often arise from the sheer variety of personal needs and different ways of doing the same thing and there’s nothing wrong with that; but of course we admit to the sinful nature of our disunity that has come in all forms of prejudice and pride, and it exists today – we admit it. But what people don’t often realise is how much unity there is around these days. How smoothly millions of Christians are working together in every part of the world, and that won’t get you one single headline in one paper, only the rows and arguments will get in.

Incidentally, there are places on this earth now, where men are working so closely together that it never occurs to ask what branch of the church they are from, they’re all one in Christ.
So don’t let apparent Christian disunity stop you following Christ, it’s never stopped real Christians of every denomination.

If you want to follow this subject up in the Bible, read John, chapter 17, today.

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