Standard objections to the christian faith – unchristian Christians

Studdart Kennedy said that for millions of people the greatest single hindrance to the Christian faith, is the unchristian lives of professing Christians.

People nowadays can point to Protestants and Catholics at each others throats, and say, ‘I want none of that’, and who could blame them. They could point to people squabbling in churches and say, ‘Look at them, call themselves Christians the only difference between them and anyone else is that they are worse.’

Now I know it’s bad when self-confessed Christians behave in these unchristian ways, it’s terrible, but they will be called to answer for it by God, who will command that they give an account of their lives. But the point I’m making is simple, it’s no excuse at all to point to a bad example of the real thing and say I won’t bother with the genuine thing. Because that’s like saying because there are some dud £5 notes about, I won’t bother with any at all in case I get one that’s counterfeit.

I’ve never had a perfect friendship but I’ve got and had some wonderful friendships which were imperfect. I could never be accused of taking the law into my own hands, or opting out of it, simply because some policemen are a bit crooked.

In the last analysis the basic objection of unchristian Christians is really an excuse, because if you want to see a real Christian life, don’t look at me, or any other so-called Christian, look at Jesus.
He is the one you will be judged by.
He’s the one where Christianity is really lived.
He is the Lord.
Read the New Testament and see.

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