The basic Condition of Guidance

Suppose that you are seeking the guidance of God about some particular problem but are not sure which way to go, and you have got a decision to make. If you have asked God for guidance and yet don’t seem to get any answer, what do you do next?
Well, I’m suggesting that before you seek some complicated explanation, why not check the most obvious points first. In other words, before you pull the computer to bits, make sure it’s plugged in and switched on.
We had a clock as a wedding present and it wouldn’t go. I took the back off and I couldn’t understand what I saw, so I took it round to the watchmaker who looked at it, wound it up and gave it me back!
If you are asking God to guide your life and nothing happens, check first that you have accepted the first basic steps of guidance, which is usually obedience. He will say ‘repent of your sin’; ‘break with some particular sin that’s killing you’; ‘be baptised’; ‘commit yourself to Christ’; ‘let your life be completely repaired and restored into good working order’. Jesus once said, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, if you’re not going to do what I say”.
If you’re seeking guidance for your life, are you really willing to do what He says. Otherwise it’s like putting a telescope to your blind eye and saying, “I can’t see anything”.
This is where guidance really begins and if you want to read something in the Bible about it, check the second half of psalm 95 and see what it says to you today.

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