The unexpected Caller

Imagine this. A man at his desk, brow furrowed with worry. Desk covered in papers. Every now and then he glances at his watch, mops his brow and writes away feverishly. ‘Oh, I’ll never finish all this work. People waiting to see me. I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that. What a burden it all is’.

The desk buzzer goes. He snaps it on and says, ‘Yes’, and his secretary says, ‘There’s someone here to see you’, sounding a bit puzzled.

‘Oh I’m too busy – far too busy. Send him away. Don’t they realise I’ve got hundreds of things depending on me’,

‘But, sir ‘Don’t interrupt’. ‘But sir, it’s a messenger from God’. ‘From whom?’ ‘It’s an angel, and he says that he’s the angel of death – and that he has an appointment with you in one minute from now’.

And suddenly everything’s changed. All his appointments, and all his bits of paper are unimportant. And all those things he was going to do one day. All those things he was going to say to his wife. And all the time he was going to spend with his children, and the people he was going to love – and after all, he’s not indispensable in his business. Because his time is over.

Well that’s only a story, I made it up, but it’ll happen today a thousand times and tomorrow and
the day after that.

Jesus tells a much better story in Luke’s gospel, as you read it ask yourself ‘How do I fit into it?’

Now read: Luke 12. 16 – 21.

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