What Guidance are you looking for?

Even before the time when the ancient Greeks went to Delphi to consult the oracle, people had been seeking the guidance of their gods.
Right now there are millions of folk who turn to the daily paper to look at the stars, to see what they should do that day. Some others will even go to mediums to see what the dead are advising them, they think.
Now when Christians talk about guidance they don’t mean some kind of infallible telephone hot line to God, yet they do believe that God does guide them personally. Are they right to do so?
Well Christian guidance always carries with it Christian conditions which are as necessary to the understanding of guidance as air is to breathing. For example, it’s no good a crook asking God the best way to rob a bank. It’s no good a confidence trickster praying to God for the best way to cheat someone out of their fortune.
There has, in short, to be first, a personal relationship, a dependence on the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise guidance is like sending notes up the chimney to Father Christmas,
There has to be a willingness to do what the living God says in His Word, and it1s clear enough. Then it isn’t just a possibility, guidance becomes a fact.
Read what Jesus Christ said about you and is saying to you today, in John Chapter 14 verses 14-17.

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Before Christ, a man loves things and uses people; after Christ he loves people and uses things. (H. Wood)


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