‘Without Thee’ – Part 2

This is the second part of the Poem Without Thee by John Hunter.
It’s about the difference a man has found between the kind of religion which is a ‘do-it-yourself’ thing, and the one which really abides in, really lives in, trusts in the Power of Christ. He says:

He clothes Himself with such as me,
Puts on my frail humanity.
Then using me to do His will,
He can, in me, His work fulfil.

‘Tis His responsibility,
His plan, His peace, His power – not me,
I rest in His abounding grace,
And gaze with rapture on His face.

“Without Me – ye can nothing do”
Nothing – not one – Thy word is true.
How terribly we fail to see
Thy word which tells us – “Without Me.”

I thought it meant – without Thy Will,
Without Thy help and yet, Lord, still
Thy word stands simple, clear and true
Not without these – but without You.

Thou art the Truth, the Life, the Way,
All power belongs to Thee – we say,
How simple, Lord, could we but see
It is not help we need – but Thee.

Then grant me Lord the grace to rest,
Quiet, confident, obedient, blest,
Believing all Thy promise true
I can do all things, Lord through You.

Now that poem is the authentic note of Christianity.

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