‘Without Thee’ – Part 1

This is the first half of a poem called, “Without Thee”, by John Hunter. It’s based on John chapter 15 verse 5.
“Without Thee” – Lord, Thy promise stands,
That all my work leaves empty hands.
It is Thyself, Thy life in me
That brings true blessings all can see.

My struggles, tears and wretched strife
Are part and parcel of my life
Here is a peace, a power, a joy
All waiting now me to employ.

How strange it is, in days gone by
My Christian life was try and try.
Now, Lord, I’ve found the secret true
Thy life in me lived through and through.

‘Twas easy then to say the phrase
“God works in many wondrous ways”.
But now, ’tis marvellous to see
God works His wonders out through me.

“Greater is He that in you lives”
How great the promise that He gives.
His risen life, dynamic power,
Are mine to use through every hour.

I simply bring myself and stand
Safe in the hollow of His hand.
Untold delights and joys exist
In having all I so long missed.

If you want to see the source of this poem, read John chapter 15,
especially verse 5.

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You can be perfectly free to go to your Bible with the assurance that you will find Jesus Christ everywhere in its pages. (A. W. Tozer)


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